dmv vehicle salesperson license


Vehicle dealer licensing is the compulsory process of a vehicle dealer establishing a presence with a multitude of government authorities. The purpose is to establish adherence to all state regulation including the delivery of clear ownership and to tax vehicle owners.

Under current DMV regulations no training is required to become a salesperson.

We anticipate new regulations in 2017 which will mandate training for every current licensed salesperson and require pre-license training for every salesperson applicant.


Administration is handled by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is the responsibility of the automobile dealerships to register themselves as well as new and used vehicles sold by their dealership.

Since 1998 TriStar Motors LLC has been the leader in compulsory DMV car dealer education.

Since 2001 TriStar Motors LLC has offered car dealer continuing education.

Since 2006 TriStar Motors LLC has offered salesperson training online.

Since 2008 TriStar Motors LLC has offered car dealer red flags certification.

Each student must present a valid government issued photo ID to take the licensing class.

Out of state applicants may take the class but must acquire a California ID card to get licensed.

DMV License Ownership Regulations

When a dealership is created, all owners with a 10% ownership interest must take the DMV class.

The owners spouse must also take the class to be a listed owner of the dealership.

Dealer plate privileges for 24/7 personal use are only extended to listed owners.

There are four choices to hold dealer ownership:

Sole Proprietor



Limited Liability Company ( LLC )

The tax considerations of your choice of ownership should always be considered. You have one year from the course date to make this decision when you submit your completed car dealer application to your DMV inspector. All owners regardless of dealership structure must take the class.

A vehicle salesperson license is required of all persons selling vehicles or contracts regarding vehicles or supervising the sale of vehicles or contracts for a dealer. Basically if you have contact with the buyer or supervise buyer contact by others you must be a licensed California salesperson.

Click here of the DMV Salesperson Handbook   DMV OL 303

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